Posted on September 15, 2013

My greatest joy in life can be found in the act of blessing others. Perhaps it’s because, for so many years, or maybe decades, I took, rather than gave. Maybe at the age of 53 I’m finally beginning to grow up. Maybe I’m beginning to master the art of life and living. There is much I do not know and never will. I do understand and embrace, however, the life truth or principal, which is also a biblical truth, that it really is better to give than receive.
I love giving away free copies of my book, Journey to Redemption, and I was able to do so today at a restaurant. I truly believe that there is something in the book for everyone, regardless of ones background, age, race, faith beliefs or non-beliefs. My goal, with Journey to Redemption is to give away, free, 50,000 copies.
I’ve been asked, several times, in interviews and otherwise what I hope to get from writing the book. And so, there is my answer. I hope…no, I pray that I get to give away 50,000 copies to total strangers. Strangers who may never or seldom wander in to a book store. Strangers who seldom or never go to church. Strangers who would seldom or never, otherwise chat with me about life, what it means or doesn’t mean to them, God or no God, heaven or hell. Strangers who, for whatever reason can’t afford the book but would enjoy a copy.
50,000 copies. One person at a time. One family at a time. Who? How? When? Where? I don’t have the answers but I do have the vision. One day at a time. One book at a time. One human being at a time. The art of life…

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