Image of Ted Nellis' book cover Journey to Redemption.Ted Nellis is the author of the biographical book Journey to Redemption: Small-time pool hustler. Convicted bank robber. Born again Christian.

Journey to Redemption is available in bookstores across Canada!

Ted is a writer, speaker and ministry leader. He is also a husband, father and grandfather with a past as colourful as a Fall landscape.

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In Response to Journey to Redemption:

Ted Nellis' Redemption
Ted, I have received more responses from inmates to your book. One inmate told me he has read it three times. Several said it is like reading their life story. I just spoke with one man who said when reading the part about you on your knees before God, Jesus touched him in such a way that he wept uncontrollably.

The Company We Keep by Ted Nellis book cover

Ted’s Newest Book:

Ted’s newest release, The Company We Keep, is available to inmates through New Life Prison Ministry.